Eight Forms Of Goddess Lakshmi And Their Mantra

Devi Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance who is in charge of health, property, fortune, and spirit. Generally Goddess Lakshmi is presented either sitting at the lotus or bearing it, with elephants in the background. She gets by numerous names and the most common being ‘Sri’. Being the consort of Lord Vishnu she incarnated some moments upon the ground with Lord Vishnu and participated in his responsibilities as the preserver. To get the blessings of the Goddess one can chant mantra of Goddess Lakshmi or different mantra for eight forms for a specific purpose.

By the grace of Goddess Lakshmi, man gets wealth, wellness, and happiness. There are eight different forms of Maa Lakshmi, which is called Ashta Lakshmi. Indeed, the worship of Ashta Lakshmi eliminates all the problems of man and he attains prosperity, wealth, fame, opulence, and prosperity.

Significance and Mantra for Ashta Lakshmi

1. Dhana Lakshmi

Lakshmi Maa, as Dhana Lakshmi, destroys the financial problems and poverty of her devotees and blesses him with full of wealth. With the grace of Dhanalakshmi, one gets rid of wasteful expenditure, debt, loans and all economic troubles.

Mantra – Om Dhana Lakshmai Namah

2. Yasha Lakshmi

By worshipping Lakshmi in the form of Yasha Lakshmi or Aishwarya Lakshmi, a person gets respect, fame, glory in the world. The goddess of fame blesses the devotee with the attributes of wisdom and modesty and ends worldly animosity.

Mantra- Om Yasha Lakshmai Namah

3. Aayu Lakshmi

Mother Lakshmi is worshipped as Aayu Lakshmi to live a long and free life. This form of mother gives relief from physical and mental diseases and increases the age of man.

Mantra- Om Aayu Lakshmai Namah

4. Vahana Lakshmi

It is best for a person who desires a vehicle to worship Goddess Vahana Lakshmi. By the grace of Vahana Lakshmi, one attains the vehicle pleasure.

Mantra- Om Vahana Lakshmikai Namah

5. Sthir Lakshmi

Mother Lakshmi resides in the house as Annapurna permanently after worshipping Sthir Lakshmi. Due to her grace, there is no shortage in the house and the house is always full of money.

Mantra – Om Sthir Laxmai Namah

6. Satya Lakshmi

By the grace of Satya Lakshmi, man attains the Lakshmi of the house, that is, the wife of his heart, who always supports him by becoming a good friend, mentor, and partner.

Mantra- Om Satya Lakshmai Namah

7. Santan Lakshmi

Worshiping Santana Lakshmi by a childless couple gives birth to offspring and increases their offspring. In the form of Santana Lakshmi, the Mother Goddess gives the child at will.

Mantra- Om Santan Lakshmai Namah

8. Greha Lakshmi

Worshiping Mother Lakshmi as Graha Lakshmi fulfils the dream of one’s own home. Apart from this, other problems related to home are also solved soon. In this form the mother provides wealth and comforts of home.

Mantra- Om Greha Lakshmai Namah

To get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, it is considered auspicious to regularly remember the eight forms of Mother Lakshmi. By praying Ashtalakshmi, a person gets wealth, happiness, and prosperity. It is considered especially auspicious in maintaining a stable Lakshmi abode in the family.

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