9 Powerful Hanuman Mantra

Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped God in hinduism. He is famous as the Bal Brahmachari (the celibate) who served Lord Rama. Popular as the sankat mochan, means one who solves all the problems, he saves his devotees from sufferings, enemies, diseases or any problem. To have the blessings of the great Hanuman, sages and his devotees chant his mantras, stotras and chalisa. So in this blog we are listing nine powerful Hanuman Mantra. Chant, Meditate & Love!!!

Goddess Bagalamukhi and 5 Mantras

The ten holy goddesses in Hinduism are known as "Mahavidyas" or "great wisdom science". Practitioners from the tantrik cult worship the mahavidya for attaining many powers and self realization. The powers of Mahavidya are immense. And Goddess Bagalamukhi is one of the mahavidya. In this blog mantra of Goddess Bagalamukhi are given for sadhana and more about the Bagalamukhi Mahavidya sadhna.

Lord Rama and 9 Powerful Mantras

Name of Rama is the light on the dark road. Whether devotee stuck on the spiritual path or in material life Ram Naam is the saviour. It bestows spiritual and material blessings on the aspirant. Rama means the one who lives in all. And that is the supreme absolute reality. Chant these enchanting Ram mantras with full love & devotion.

Lord Sun – Surya Dev

Surya dev- the Sun God holds a significant place in many cults and practices. All the religions understood the importance of Lord Sun and worshipped him. In India itself He is the god of universe, in astrology he is considered as father, king, soul and lord vishnu. Lord Rama worshipped Surya Dev to kill demon Ravana. In yoga, Surya namaskar - sun salutation is a great yoga practice.

9 Powerful Vishnu Mantra

Chant powerful Vishnu Mantras with full faith, devotion and love. Lord Vishnu will bless all and bring happiness and joy in the life of all beings. Love and do mantra chanting! List of 9 mantras of Lord Vishnu is given for the devotees for any kind of problem or to fulfill the material and spiritual goals.

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