9 Powerful Hanuman Mantra

Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped God in hinduism. He is famous as the Bal Brahmachari (the celibate) who served Lord Rama. Popular as the sankat mochan, means one who solves all the problems, he saves his devotees from sufferings, enemies, diseases or any problem. To have the blessings of the great Hanuman, sages and his devotees chant his mantras, stotras and chalisa. So in this blog we are listing nine powerful Hanuman Mantra. Chant, Meditate & Love!!!

9 Powerful Shiva Mantra

Chant powerful Shiva Mantras with full faith, devotion and love. Meditation and chanting the mantra gives you protection, health, wealth, calms mind, releases stress and fulfil all kind of desires. Love and do mantra chanting! List of 9 mantras of Lord Shiva is given for the devotees for any kind of problem or to fulfill the material and spiritual goals.

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